Driving the Future Forward

AutoLet delivers AV design beyond constraints, helping innovative companies design and bring to market stunning, safe, sustainable autonomous vehicles.

Elevated aesthetics, meticulously engineered

Purposeful, innovative, road-ready interior and exterior autonomous vehicle designs. The ultimate blend of form and function.

Ideal UX for passengers…
or packages

No matter what your AV is designed to transport, we’ll help you deliver a compelling user experience and thoughtful user interface.

Scalable from prototype to production

Efficient, purpose-built design, from virtual-only vehicles and one-off functional concepts, to limited production fleets and mass manufacturing.

Efficiency. Precision. Sustainability.

With deep roots in both OEMs and vibrant tech startups, AutoLet blazed trails in AV design, setting new industry standards by seamlessly marrying aesthetics and cutting-edge sensor technology.

Today, we stand at the nexus of innovation, ready to transform your brand vision into market-ready autonomous designs—never wasting your time, budget, or materials.

Trusted by industry leaders

We’re proud to have collaborated with some of the AV industry’s biggest names. Their trust in our expertise underscores our shared commitment to innovation and excellence.


What Our Clients Are Saying

To describe Autolet merely as a talented design team would be an understatement. They are masterful craftsmen in their domain of AVs. Their ability to tackle intricate 3D designs, even with the tightest engineering constraints, speaks to their meticulous nature and boundless creativity.

–Scott Waters, Design Executive at Amazon

Ben Julian stands out as a leading authority in the realm of Industrial Design, specifically for Autonomous Vehicles (AVs). He seamlessly blends innovative design principles with practical manufacturability, a rare and invaluable combination in this industry. This expertise culminated in the establishment of Autolet, a B2B consultancy dedicated to offering strategic solutions to complex AV design challenges for OEM clients.

–Michael Check, CEO of Linkage

Autolet is a leader in product design, industrial design, and engineering development. The team at Autolet isn’t just composed of thinkers; they are doers, marked by their proactive approach. Their ability to innovate designs, while ensuring manufacturability, is truly commendable. What particularly stood out during our collaboration was their unwavering commitment to surpass client expectations. In just a few weeks, they propelled design iterations to unprecedented levels.

–John Richison, Corporate Counsel at Arrive

Ben and I collaborated closely in leading-edge design studios, dedicating years to the evolution of sophisticated vehicle exteriors and avant-garde interiors. His commitment to pioneering design and advanced digital modeling, particularly in the realm of autonomous vehicle solutions, is evident in every project he touches. Ben’s expertise in Alias surfacing is unparalleled, and he boasts an impressive mastery over a range of design software crucial to our industry’s forward momentum.

–Frank Faita, Toyota

Collaborating with AutoLet has always been an enriching experience. Beyond their affable demeanor lies a deep-rooted expertise in project coordination and strategic decision-making…In our years working together, I’ve seen AutoLet navigate high-pressure projects, consistently meeting ambitious goals without compromising on quality. AutoLet’s unwavering professionalism and dedication sets AutoLet apart, showcasing a standard of service that truly goes above and beyond.

–Albert Shane, Aurora

Working with Ben Julian from AutoLet has been a highlight in my career. His expertise in digital modeling and automotive design is unmatched, making them stand out in the Silicon Valley tech scene. AutoLet expertly combines design aesthetics with functional pragmatism, ensuring that their innovative designs are not only visually striking but also production-ready. Their positive, problem-solving approach truly makes them a valuable asset to any team focused on the future of automotive technology.

Marc Costa, Google

Ben has been an invaluable asset to our team. His extensive design experience in the automotive and technology industries has been instrumental in guiding a very strategic product design effort for Arrive. Ben’s ability to collaboratively surface and understand our needs, and then translate them into innovative designs has been world class. We owe a great deal of thanks to Ben for his skills and dedication.

Mark Hamm, VP of innovation, FedEx

I can attest that Ben is so nice to work with because of his character. He’s a very creative and talented Individual, and any transportation company will be fortunate to have Ben consult their team.

Dennis Poisson, Design Studio Manager, General Motors Tech Center


General Motors

General Motors

AutoLet consultants gained foundational experience at major OEMs, including GM, leading design teams to bring concepts to production exponentially faster, while greatly reducing R&D costs.

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Nuro’s unique business case demanded a purpose-designed, nimble vehicle that maximized operational efficiency and on-road safety. AutoLet rose to the challenge.

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Google[X] | Waymo

Google[X] | Waymo

From a folded up Post-It to the streets of California. AutoLet’s founder helped Google[X] achieve this moonshot project to build a truly self-driving vehicle from scratch.

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